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Event Transportation

Event Transportation

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When you need to attend an event, why not save time and eliminate the driving? Let us get you there quickly and at a low cost. We're Bonita Springs' event transportation specialists and we look forward to giving you a comfortable and safe ride.

Many people make the mistake of not considering event transportation in the first place. One of the benefits is worry free parking. You never have to find a place to park because we take you straight to the door. Imagine relaxing in a comfortable, clean car or even taking a short nap while we get you to your destination safely and on time.

Customers have used our event transportation services for weddings, business meetings, or even out of town trips. Choose our limousine service, and several people can travel at once.

Another reason to call Discount Transportation Taxi Service for your event transportation is the reasonable cost. We specialize in providing discount transportation regardless of your destination. Just like our name implies. That means you can afford to hire a limo for a special occasion, like prom, or if you just want to jazz up dinner.

We serve the residents of Bonita Springs but we can also take you outside the area. If your event is in Labelle, Golden Gate, or another city, we can still get you there at a low rate. We can also bring you from any surrounding town into Bonita Springs. There’s only one company to call when you need Gold Star event transportation at a discount price. Contact us now!