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Taxi Service

Taxi Service

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We offer the best taxi service in the Bonita Springs area. Our taxis are the pride of our business and you’ll love riding in them. At Discount Transportation Taxi Service, picking you up is just the beginning of our service to you. We drive the finest cars, ensure they’re clean, hire the best drivers, and pick you up on time. We devote our energies into getting you to your destination as quickly and safely as possible. When you call us for a ride, you won’t get a busy signal or delay. Instead, you’ll find a friendly driver with a spacious car dedicated to making your journey a pleasant one.

Safety is much a priority as cleanliness and service. We maintain all our cars regularly and treat each journey as a chance to demonstrate our safe driving skills. It's easy to reach us, we’re available every day of the year. Just call and schedule our taxi service.

We are a Gold Star company and everyone who rides with us is a Gold Star customer. We believe that providing affordable transportation is key to helping people either relax or relieve stress by providing safe and affordable transportation. In addition to our low rates, ask about our special travel discounts. The next time you need a ride in the Bonita Springs area, call us and we'll give you a lift!